Spotlight on Ace’s new lighting set this fall


The brand-new Ace lighting set will be on display at the fall show in Chicago.

We’re bringing you even more bright ideas to make your lighting department outshine all the rest. This fall in Chicago, our brand-new lighting set will be on display at the Discovery Edge section at Booth #2684. We’re phasing out obsolete CFLs in favor of LED bulbs, which continue to see rapid growth, and we’ll be introducing Ace brand LED bulbs, our newest strategy to drive sales for your business.

These Ace brand bulbs will be priced to beat the national brands and anything else the competition has to offer — and they’re backed by our Ace Brand Promise, prominently displayed on the front of the package. The Ace Brand Promise lets the customer know that if for any reason they are not satisfied with their purchase, we’ll take it back.

LED technology continues to evolve, and we’ll be bringing you the latest innovations, like redesigned decorative bulbs that lose the obtrusive heat sink collar that stands out in exposed fixtures. Instead, they’ll gain a filament-style retro look similar to a traditional incandescent, while still delivering all the benefits of LED.

We’ll have some exciting improvements for our Feit LED lineup as well. Feit reflector bulbs will be dropping their finned design in favor of a sleek new streamlined look that more closely resembles a standard reflector bulb, and they’ll get new cost-effective packaging to make sure pricing stays competitive.

Our entire assortment has been remerchandised, with all bulbs grouped by application instead of technology, to make your customer’s shopping experience much easier. Going forward, all bulbs will be sorted into general purpose, reflector, decorative and specialty categories, with all the different technologies together in each section. This way, your customers will have the full range of choices right there in front of them to cross-shop when they need to replace a specific type of bulb.

We’ll have some great show-only deals in store for you too, so register today to save big and let Ace light the way to better sales and bigger profits!

August 8, 2016