Sales will bloom with new pottery lineup

The newest pottery lineup shows off the latest trends in color and style.

The newest pottery lineup shows off the latest trends in color and style.

Shake things up in your lawn and garden department with our updated, profitable pottery assortment. The whole lineup has been updated to reflect the season’s most popular colors and styles.

Stop by our booth at the fall convention and check out our full product range and the 50 fantastic deals we’ve lined up, with many new selections that are sure to wow you and your customers, featuring a range of materials, from resin to terra cotta and more. Order at the show and you’ll get up to 35 percent off, plus 90 days’ dating.

pottery2_300Organic brings in the green

The ever-expanding market for natural and organic plant foods and soils is a key focus for 2017. We’ll be bringing you all the best names for indoor and outdoor gardening, organized in easy-to-order brand blocks. These brand-specific assortments are specially designed to meet the full range of key customer demand — everything from seed starting to raised bed, container to in-ground, all with fantastic deals!

AeroGarden grows your sales

Indoor gardening is the latest consumer trend, and we’ll be meeting this demand head-on with our new AeroGarden assortment. These self-contained countertop growing kits use seed pods, nutrient-enriched water and LED grow lights to grow herbs, lettuce, tomatoes or whatever else your customer might want, faster than in soil and right in their kitchen. They’re available in three-pod or six-pod sizes and last 4-6 months. Consumers simply can’t get enough of these hot new products, so make sure you put your order in at the show — we’ll give you our best intro price with a 25 percent off end cap deal! Register now to get your badge in the mail.

June 2, 2016