Fall show kicks off with a patriotic vision of leadership

Keynote General Stan McChrystal will share his vision of leadership in the opening General Session.

Opening Session keynote speaker General Stan McChrystal

Prepare to be inspired as the Ace Hardware 2016 Fall Convention gets underway! Ace welcomes keynote speaker General Stan McChrystal, a four-star general and former commander of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan, who will share his lessons of leadership and team-building at the opening General Session Thursday, Aug. 18, from 8-9:30 a.m.

General McChrystal is widely known for revolutionizing the way military agencies interact and operate, as well as efforts that turned the tide in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is the author of best-sellers “Team of Teams” and “My Share of the Task” and is co-founder of the McChrystal Group, which has a mission to deliver innovative leadership solutions to organizations.

To carry McChrystal’s leadership approach over to the business world, the group teaches the CrossLead method, which General McChrystal developed based on his military successes. McChrystal shares the message that when established systems and processes begin to fail, leaders have to look for ways to innovate and focus on the power of working in teams and of sharing a clear vision.

Citing stories from his 34 years of military service, McChrystal will reveal his four-star management strategy, concentrating on openness, teamwork and forward thinking — topics to inspire you in your everyday business operations. For General McChrystal’s full bio, click here.

Register for the convention today and sign up for this General Session; this is one you don’t want to miss!

May 23, 2016