Don't miss these important stops at the show today.

What’s trending: 8 hot spots around the show floor

trending1. Power Buys all around the show floor.

2. New Arrivals never get old. See them in Booth no. 4431.

3. If you missed yesterday’s demonstrations, be sure to check some of today’s winners at Demo Stations located down the main aisle. Find the schedule of demonstrations on page 10.

4. Lots of ordering going on. Assistance is available at the Savings Showcase in Booth no. 4512.

5. B2B The Supply Place and Retrofit Lighting in Booth no. 2231.

6. Auction items in the Ace Foundation Booth no. 101.

7. New Vendor Market and Impulse aisles.

8. Visit Registration for Sheryl Crow wristbands for this sold-out event.

August 21, 2015