Ace to celebrate 90th anniversary next year

d2_ace90yearsNext year will be a banner year for Ace. It marks the company’s 90th anniversary. A cross-functional Ace committee is already planning ways to mark the event, said Jimmy Alexander, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Communications. “The focus will primarily be on our customers in recognition of their loyalty and making Ace “The Helpful Place” brand a success,” he said. One way Ace is preparing for this milestone is by building a toolkit for retailers to use throughout 2014. The toolkit will enable retailers to celebrate the event with their associates and customers, through Public Relations support, Ace Foundation events executable  in-store and celebration ideas for team members.

Since its start in Chicago in 1924, with only four stores in operation, the Ace brand has grown exponentially, and it’s thanks to its retailers — now more than 4,600 strong. The brand, because of this history and a strong foundation, shows no signs of slowing down, said David Ziegler, Vice President of Ziegler’s Ace Hardware, Ace Hardware Board Member (since 2001) and Chairman of the Board (since 2008).

Ziegler’s history with Ace is just one of the many Ace success stories that demonstrates its rich heritage and tradition. Ziegler’s Ace story began in 1930, when his grandfather bought the original store in the group, then called Meehan’s. In 1934, his grandfather joined the Ace brand. Next year, Ziegler’s Ace will have been part of the Ace tradition for 80 years, and Ziegler’s son, Adam, will be joining the company — the fourth generation to do so.

“When you are a family-owned business and you partner with a national company, you have a sense of stability with a company that’s been around as long as Ace,” Ziegler said. “It seems like the ideal situation when you have a company that’s nationally known but locally owned. It’s a good message to consumers.”A message that will be 90 years old next year.