Fall 2015 ePreviews

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  • 02_ThinkstockPhotos-495193237 LED for business: Switch, save & sell B2BAce announces the new LED for Business program ― a tremendous opportunity for retailers to save thousands of dollars in utility costs and generate thousands more in B2B sales. By replacing fluorescent lighting with linear LED tubes, Ace retailers stand to reduce their utility bills while improving the light quality in their stores. Read More
  • 03_ThinkstockPhotos-122516127 Drive down your operating expensesAs an Ace retailer, you’re familiar with our tried-and-true business model — we’re a cooperative that leverages the buying power of 4,700 stores to drive down the cost of merchandise you buy for your store. We’ll be taking our co-op in a bold new direction by applying this money-saving philosophy to store operating expenses as well. We introduce the Retail Shared Services offering. Read More
  • 04_8402364_GRP01 Chicago is your outdoor helpful placeDo you need information about grilling, patio, outdoor power equipment, birding or insect control? Any and all questions and needs you have for these will be answered at the Ace 2015 Convention and Exhibits in Chicago. Read More
  • 05_ThinkstockPhotos-187790364 “See and Save” in ChicagoAce is offering two great ways to save money on top attractions when you come to Chicago this August. Here are a couple of insider’s tips to make your trip to Chicago memorable and affordable. Read More

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  • ThinkstockPhotos-180265780 Get fired up with grillingWe’re all fired up about the big reintroduction of our Grilling department this fall. We will be showing off all of the major grilling categories with a dominant assortment. The menu will include exciting products from new vendors, such as Masterbuilt and Bradley smokers, a new line of hot-selling OPP portable grills and standup charcoal grills and an increased presence of the fast-growing specialty grilling category. Read More
  • ACE_PowerBuyer Give your bottom line a boost with our profitable Power Buys available only at ChicagoSupercharge your store’s sales, and power up your profits with help from our exciting Power Buys program. This fall in Chicago, Merchandising will once again deliver the best-of-the-best, show-only deals that nobody else can offer. Read More
  • ThinkstockPhotos-90678657 Mow down the competitionWe’ve worked with our lawn mower vendors to develop space-efficient fixtures that increase the number of mowers you can merchandise in the same manageable footprint. Read More
  • AH-2 Amy Howard at Home goes to ChicagoAmy Howard at Home has joined the Ace family. We’ve partnered so your store doesn’t miss out on one of the hottest new DIY categories: chalk-based paint. This addition to The Paint Studio will further accelerate the impressive momentum of our paint program, driving new, incremental project sales and boosting your profits. Read More
  • CC_Aerial_FromLake Chicago: Register & Book now!There is so much happening Aug. 20-22 in Chicago. Of course, there are all of the exciting new products and programs at the convention center as Ace opens the doors on the fall show. Read More

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  • Register and get your badgeYou do not want to miss out on what we have lined up for the Fall Convention and Exhibits in Chicago. In addition to the exciting new products for Lawn & Garden, there will be new products and vendors, great savings, more than 70 Power Buys, major discounts, superb networking, excellent training sessions, and so […] Read More
  • Make green in Lawn & GardenAt the fall show, we’ll display our 2016 patio collections, in styles to fit any taste and budget. These collections put a big emphasis on aluminum construction, the “in” thing for outdoors these days, along with a trendy earth tone color palette that’s rounded out with rusts, blues and greens to bring a sense of […] Read More
  • Get a jump on bugsAce is relaunching the insect control program to make the shopping experience easier for your customers. We are dividing the planograms into three easy-to-understand segments: home, yard and garden. Each segment is further divided by brand, bug type and use, for a clear delineation any customer can understand. We’ll have all the top brands — Bayer, Black […] Read More
  • Discovery Edge packs a new punchVisit the Discovery Edge booth 2237 for more than 20 in-demand Level 1 and 2 programs, our must-have Level 3 Cleaning update/refresh and the Shipper Program for the Spring 2016 selling season. In Level 1 and 2, you’ll find programs for all of the key categories that drive customers to your store, all with fantastic […] Read More
  • Join the fun in the Windy CityJoin us in Chicago for the Ace Fall Convention and Exhibits Aug. 20-22. Besides all of the excitement in the convention center, you can experience more fun after the show floor closes. The sights and scenery, the one-of-a-kind events and world-class food, the welcoming people, the diversity and rich history — they all come together […] Read More

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  • Sign up for training sessions nowWant to brush up on your knowledge and skills? Plan to attend the training sessions we have on tap for you at the fall convention. The Retail Training Learning and Growth Institute Pre-Show Training is a one-day special event complete with a guest speaker, continental breakfast and box lunch, and three tracks: Leadership Development, Merchandising […] Read More
  • CMN raffle to set dreams to flightWant a chance to win a fabulous vacation experience and contribute to a great cause? Here’s you opportunity. For the Ace Foundation/Children’s Miracle Network raffle “Dreams Take Flight in the Windy City” at the fall convention in Chicago, register today and purchase your raffle tickets now. The prizes range from $10,000 cold, hard cash to […] Read More
  • Going wild for birdingThere’s no slowing down our Wild Bird category. Right now, birding is the second most widely enjoyed hobby in the U.S. The average birding consumer owns 2.7 feeders, and 76 percent of those consumers fill them once a week, with 66 percent using 2+ different kinds of seed. To meet this huge demand, we sold […] Read More
  • We’ve got savings in the bagYou’ll dig the instant savings and Red Hot Buys we’ve got in store for the 2016 Bagged Goods promotional plan, featuring in-demand soils and mulches from all the big name brands. Our patch-and-repair business continues to grow too, dominated by consumer favorite Scotts EZ Seed, a convenient combination of seed, feed and mulch that customers love […] Read More
  • Chicago: Top attraction infoWhen you come to Chicago for the fall convention, set aside time to take in some of the great opportunities and activities that Chicago holds. Even locals can be caught off-guard with the sheer number of things to see and do in Chicago. From the 26 miles of lakefront along beautiful Lake Michigan to the […] Read More